Wondering about Hibernate Tools


I would like to use Hibernate Tools Plugin to generate entities from database schema.

It’s been really hard to find some informations : Is the Hibernate Tools project still alive… ?
If so where can I download Hibernate Tool Eclipse Plugin (I’m behind a secured proxy and I haven’t the possibility to directly download files) ?

Thanks for your answers
JN Gerbaux

Hi @JNGerbaux,

The Hibernate Tools project is very much alive thanks to @Koen_Aers .

It’s integrated in the JBoss Tools so you can download everything from there: http://tools.jboss.org/downloads/ .


Hello gsmet,

Thanks for answer. I was a bit confused by the low number of items in this forum.
I know about JBoss Tool. The weird thing is you have to download a lot of stuff for HT. Being behind a “wonderfull” proxy who doesn’t allow acces to Eclipse Marketplace make installation really hard. It’s a pity there’s no “simple” package to install tHTools.

BTW is there any chance to HTools available for IntelliJ ?

JN Gerbaux

Yeah, the forums are mostly empty because we migrated to Discourse very recently and we did not migrate the old forums content (which is still accessible at the old address).

Did you see this possibility: http://tools.jboss.org/downloads/jbosstools/oxygen/4.5.2.Final.html#zips . You can download the update site locally and you should be able to point your Eclipse to it, avoiding Eclipse to get the plugins from the Internet.

I think it should work OK for you and solve your issue.

As for IntelliJ, there is no effort from our team for now, that’s all I can say.

Just my $0.02 and MHO:

Auto generated code should be disposable and undesirable to track in your scm, and you’d probably want to make sure the software builds outside of your IDE from the command line with a CI system such as Bamboo, Jenkins, GitLab, Redmine, etc.

So integration with your IDE could be more universally be achieved though a task in your build system (gradle, maven, etc.) than directly as an IDE extension or plugin. Look into the hibernate tools plugins for maven and gradle and you could integrate this to your IDE and build toolchain in a way that’s compatible with any IDE, not just Eclipse.

Well… My classes are one-shoot (ok, may be three or four times) generated.
I’m not really fan of maven generated classes, because, if entities change, the code dealing with them have to change to reflect thoses changes, insn’t it ? So if the database change, I prefer to have a clean crash saying “Oups your entities are not up to date” instead of silently missing informations and discover lately changes that must have been anticipated.
Our schema is not intended to change frequently, so in my opinion there’s no need to rebuild thoses classes each time a maven build is performed. Even more, some specific code is added to entities to forfilled specific needed (formulas, transcient fields…).
In this approch, theses final entities have to be integrated in SCM and smootly managed by (any) IDEs and CI.
IntelliJ integrate it’s own tool to map database to entities… but it is only JPA compatible and as far I know, does not implement Hibernate annotations, so I have to rely on Eclipse and it’s Hibernate plugin.

nice post look into the hibernate tools plugins for maven and gradle and you could integrate this to your IDE done also take a glace to this website