GA of RevEng Doc / Politics?

Hello, i love your freemarker facility, using the associated tooling makes a lot of fun!!

I’m probably just too incompetent, i’m sitting here for ours/days looking for the proper Hibernate Tools
Reference Guide Version 5.6.15. Can you please give advice where i can find this one and perhaps
some hints how to find newer versions, or is the riddling politically desired to keep that unapproachable
as far as possible (e.g. due to the success of some nice vendor-specific extensions based on manual
formular usage or other deeper improvements)?

Thanks in advance

I have no idea what you are asking here. The reverse engineering of Hibernate ORM is open source and headless. The tooling just invokes that code: GitHub - hibernate/hibernate-tools: Code generation, reverse engineering, ant task and more tools for Hibernate Core

AFAIU there is not a lot of documentation because there is nothing special about this tool. It reads JDBC metadata and interprets it to produce hbm.xml or annotated Java classes. Most of the documentation is for the JBoss Tools plugin, which is the Eclipse Plugin that just invokes hibernate-tools. See the documentation here: JBoss Tools - Documentation