Hibernate Tools Maven Plugin


I started a hibernate-tools-maven-plugin to provide the features of hibernate-tools to maven users without the need to have to run ant. You can find the Plugin here:

I already created a Issue for this (HBX-1516) and wrote about it in the old forum:

There it was recommended that I should make a pull request for this change.
However, I don’t think that it would be easily possible to do so, because maven plugins need to be individual maven modules. And as hibernate-tools is a single maven module one would first have to convert it to a multi module project which is probably a bit of an overkill.

Therefore I think it would be better to integrate it as a separate Project/Repository in the Hibernate namespace. But how can I integrate my project there? Could you create a new empty project so that I can provide a pull request, or how do you recommend that I could integrate this plugin?

Regards, Jacques


Hi Jacques,

The Hibernate Tool project has been a multi-project maven module for quite some time now. Would it be possible to integrate this addition, which is very welcome, as a new module and create a pull request as suggested by Vlad?



Hi Koen

Thanks for the hint. Due to the weird folder structure (hibernate-tools/main/src/main) I was a little confused.
I will have a look at it and setup a pull request.
Regards, Jacques


Hi Koen

The pull request is ready for review:

Regards, Jacques


Very good idea to integrate this kind of plugin into Hibernate. Thanks!