How to reverse engineer IDE independently

We have an existing relational database and want to create the Pojo and DAO classes IDE independently. What is the recommended way?

Boundery conditions/requirements:

  • use Hibernate standards
  • latest Hibernate ORM version 5.2.16
  • use existing Hibernate Freemarker templates for generation
  • rename DAO classes from “Home” to “DAO”
  • recommended way to enhance generated classes (eg additional methods in DAO classes)
  • use Maven for reverse engineering (independence of IDE)

We tried following two Maven plugins but both did not fullfil at least one requirement and stopped us

  • maven-antrun-plugin (renaming DAO did not work)
  • hibernate3-maven-plugin (seems only works for older Hibernate orm versions)

What is the proposed approach respectively best practice?

Thanks for any input!

Ps. Where can the latest Hibernate tools documentation be found? I found a pdf file of an older version: Is that still valid?)

Starting with Hibernate tools 5.3.0 Beta2 there will a Maven plugin integrated.