Technical Support Expiratoin Date


I work for a long-term project which requires strong and stable technical support for every software used.

I want to know how long you are providing technical support for the following SW product:

Hibernate-Search 5.11.0.Final

Please I appreciate so much that you can give me expiration dates for each of these software products!

Thank you!


Just to be safe, let’s be clear: we, the Hibernate team, do not provide any kind of contractually binding technical support. If you need guaranteed “strong and stable technical support”, someone probably will provide it… for a price :slight_smile: You may get such support from software vendors, for example Red Hat as part of their Runtimes offering, and in this case I’d recommend reaching out to your vendor for details.

That being said, some level of support is provided by the community and the team, depending on our availability. You can reach out to us through various channels and we will try to help to the best of our capacity.

Hibernate Search 5.x branch is in maintenance mode and we do not expect any more features will be added. We are currently focusing on the 6.x branch, which exposes new APIs (though we intend to provide a limited compatibility layer to ease migration). The future is clearly there, and if you can deal with backward incompatibilities over the next few versions, I would encourage you to use the Search 6 Betas rather than 5.11, especially if you want to use the Elasticsearch integration.

Regarding “end-of-life”, I expect we will continue to maintain the 5.x branch (read: we will try to fix reported bugs and vulnerabilities when possible) for one year at least. Probably more, depending on what vendors ask from us, but that’s hard to tell.

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