ElasticSearch version needed


I’m evaluation the Hibernate Search / ElasticSearch integration and 'm having some issues. It’s possible that these issues are related to a incompatible ElasticSearch version. I’m using 6.8.4 which is not the latest, but according to the Hibernate Search documentation it should be 5.6.8 which is a bit older. Are there plans to use a more recent ElasticSearch version like 6.8.x or 7.4.x?

Thanks in advance.


Which version of Hibernate search are you using? Elasticsearch 6 and 7 are not supported in Hibernate Search 5.x, though they might work to some extent (we didn’t try). To use ES 6 or 7, you should upgrade to Hibernate Search 6. APIs are different from Search 5, though.

Details of Hibernate Search compatibility are available on our website, with a summary here: http://hibernate.org/search/releases/#compatibility-matrix

I’m using Hibernate Search 5.11.3.Final and according to the compatibility matrix I should move to HSearch v6 or use Elastic v5.6. Well, I will explore both options.