Hibernate-search 4.5.3.Final compatibility with hibernate-core 5.1.17.Final


I am trying to migrate to hibernate-core 5.1.17.Final from 4.3.11.Final. My current hibernate-search version is 4.5.3.Final. Is that fine or do I need to update hibernate-search to 5.x.x version?

Basically I wanted to know if hibernate-search 4.5.3.Final is compatible with hibernate-core 5.1.17.Final.

Thank you.


I had a look at the history of our compatibility information and for Hibernate ORM 5.1, you should use Hibernate Search 5.6.6.Final.

@gsmet - Could you provide a link to the documentation around this? I tried looking for compatibility information, and could not find anything. Also if I have to update to hibernate-core 5.0.0.Final which version of hibernate-search would I need? Thanks!

You have this one Releases - Hibernate Search for versions that are not so old but we don’t have ORM 5.1 in this matrix anymore so I opened all the releases pages (you have a See older series button on the page I mentioned) and checked the compatibility there.

For example for 5.6: 5.6 series - Hibernate Search says that it is compatible with ORM 5.1 (see top of the page) whereas for the 5.7 page, it says ORM 5.2.

Right, but at this point I don’t want to upgrade hibernate-search from v4.5.3.Final.

I guess my question is - As I am upgrading hibernate-core to 5.0.0.Final do I need to upgrade hibernate-search from 4.5.3.Final? Or will hibernate-search 4.5.3.Final work with hibernate-core 5.0.0.Final?

Thank you!

Well, if you don’t want to take into account our compatibility matrix, I would say: do your homework and test it.

Hello @gsmet ,

Is there a compatibility matrix for minimum required dependency versions for hibernate-core v5.0.0.Final? This link gives versions required for hibernate-search upgrade compatibility.

Hi @akshaybhosle.

First, Hibernate ORM 5.0/5.1 is no longer maintained, and so are Hibernate Search 5.9 and older. You can report any problem you will encounter with those versions, but we will only fix them in newer versions (e.g. Hibernate Search 5.10+), assuming they still occur in those versions.

So, let’s be clear: you are knowingly making the choice to use outdated software.

Now that we got that out of the way… There is no page telling you what’s the minimal version of Hibernate Search to use for a given version of Hibernate ORM, because that’s bad practice: you should use the latest compatible version.

If you want to pick an old version of Search for your old version of ORM, please do as Guillaume suggested:

  • go to Releases - Hibernate Search
  • click “See older releases”
  • open the page for a release you’re interested in
  • see in the compatibility matrix whether it’s compatible with your ORM version or not
  • repeat until you’re satisfied (i.e. until the version of Search is as old as possible, since that’s what you seem to be looking for?)

I see you opened other threads for seemingly the same issue. I will close them. If you need information about compatibility of (very) old releases, use the resources at your disposal on the website, as explained above. Don’t ask the question multiple times.

Be warned: what you are doing is close to what I consider flooding, and if this continues you will get banned. Don’t open another topic for the same question.