OpenSearch 2.x Compatibility

in the compatibility table of HSearch 6.1.x you can find a compatibility only to OpenSearch 1.0 - 1.2.
Is this still correct or can we use HSearch 6.1.7 with OpenSearch 2.x ?

Hi @JanHinrichs, support for OpenSearch 2.x was added and tested in the currently under development 6.2 version of Hibernate Search. So you might want to consider taking a look at that version. Also, from what I see after a quick look, there are no differences between OpenSearch 1/2 dialects - so you could give it a test and use the Hibernate Search 6.1 with OpenSearch 2. You’d see additional log entries saying that the version is unknown …

Hi @mbekhta,
thank you for your reply.
We saw the compatibility of HSearch 6.2.x to OpenSearch 2.x. But because HSearch 6.2.0.Alpha1 is not a stable release, we cannot use it in our productive environment.
So, is HSearch 6.1.7 tested against OpenSearch 2.x or does somebody has some experiences with this combination of versions?

As Marko said, no changes were made in 6.2 to support the new version so you should be safe using 6.1 with OpenSearch 2.x.