Hibernate ORM Versions End Of Life Details

Hello Team,
I wanted to know if there is a doc/link where i can find the End Of Life details for Hibernate <Major.Minor> version.

I can see the supported stable releases are listed @ Releases - Hibernate ORM but do we have an update somewhere as to till how long the builds hibernate-orm 5.2 version and others will be supported?

Appreciate your help in advance.

Thank You.

We don’t have that information and also no real plans, but in general, we only “support” the latest minor version of a major version e.g. 5.6 or 6.1. As for supporting major versions, we will stop community “support” for 5.x at some point not so far in the future. Considering that Hibernate 6.1 is near, which will then supersede 6.0, you can imagine that we will stop “supporting” 5.6 “soon”.

The most important thing for you to understand though, is that the support for 5.2 stopped a long time already. The only 5.x version that receives updates from time to time is 5.6 (community) and 5.3 (product version).

Thank You @beikov for the information.