Can't find 5.9.0.Final modules for WildFly 11


I am following Hibernate OGM documentation to package application for WildFly 11:

It requires to download hibernate-search-modules 5.9.0.Final with classifier wildfly-11-dist:

It doesn’t seem to exist on maven central repo. The latest version available being 5.9.0.Beta1.

Is this normal ? Will it be available soon ? Maybe it is hosted somewhere else.

By the way, thanks a lot for the great projects (ORM / OGM / Search / Etc).

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Hi Julien,

Yeah… unfortunately, it’s a bit of a mess right now as we are in the process of migrating to using feature packs and not all the projects are using them.

Basically, you need to use Maven to build your WildFly server now.

There is some documentation for Search here: .

What might be more helpful are the OGM integration tests for WildFly. is a good starting point especially the part starting with with the provisioning for Search and the download of the dependencies for OGM and ORM.

The other file of interest is this one: .

I hope these pointers help, feel free to come here ask more questions if need be.

Hi Guillaume,

Thanks a lot for the quick answer and pointers. Actually, that’s awesome. I was not aware of this wildfly-server-provisioning maven plugin. It will help me automating common hibernate/wildfly updates duty. I was also wondering how you would deal with the new wildfly release schedule and I guess the answer is feature pack (as I saw WildFly 12 is already out for example).

If I have any question when testing this, I will post here.

Best regards,