Hibernate Search 5.9.0.Final and Wildfly-swarm

Is somewhere the documentation to use Hibernate Search 5.9.0.Final on Wildlfly-swarm?

There isn’t any documentation specific to WildFly Swarm at the moment, because we didn’t try it yet.
All Hibernate Search JBoss modules are now distributed as WildFly feature packs, which are supposed to be consumable by WildFly Swarm. We also distribute an updated version of Hibernate ORM as a feature pack, since the Hibernate ORM project doesn’t do that yet.
Because the feature-packs include dependency information, there are no specifics about using Hibernate Search in your WildFly Swarm application, beyond how to use a feature-pack within WildFly Swarm (which I guess the WildFly Swarm documentation should cover) and how to select the version of Hibernate Search at runtime if you bundle multiple versions in you application.

Last time I heard about it, there was a problem with overriding the version of components already included in WildFly Swarm; essentially WildFly Swarm already including Hibernate Search 5.5 meant you couldn’t add Hibernate Search 5.8 to your application. I might be wrong though, or that may not be the case anymore now that we have feature packs. We just need to try.

This is a subject that definitely requires more investigation, and we will get to it eventually. In the meantime, if you want to try it, and can report any issue you encounter, we will gladly take that into account in the future versions of Hibernate Search.

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