Right place to discuss deployment of "hibernate-core"

I have a question about safely distributing hibernate-core.jar (& its dependencies) as part of our product (not about using the product).

I don’t want to disrupt this forum. Is this the right place to ask?

Aside: I initially wanted to use Jira, but having done the protocol to get myself accredited I have been wedged (for a week) at a page saying “Joining Jira. Hang on just a sec… Try again” (https://id.atlassian.com/request-access?site=hibernate.atlassian.net&resource=.....)

Let’s continue the discussion about authentication here: Trying to report a bug in Hibernate - #4 by beikov

I am no lawyer, so I can’t guarantee you anything, but AFAIU it’s fine if you just distribute the license file for hibernate along with your product.