Hibernate ORM 5.2.13 Modules and Infinispan

https://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/orm/5.2/topical/html_single/wildfly/Wildfly.html Said that is possible to use Hibernate modules in order to use the latest version but that document also said:

“enabling an Infinispan 2nd level …will require explicit configuration, as if you were running Hibernate in a different container, or in no container.”

Which explicit configuration?

WildFly “wires up” all necessary integrations automatically when running the included versions. When using our latest Hibernate version, we don’t do all the integration so it’s up to the user to figure it out by following the same guidelines as one would do when running outside of the container (e.g. Spring Boot).

You can find more info in the Hibernate Infinispan User Guide chapter.