Copyright Holder information


I am trying to find copyright holder information for hibernate-commons-annotation-5.0.5
Below is the source code url.

I don’t see copy right holder information in any of the java files or i don’t see NOTICES file.

Can you please let me know where can i find copyright holder information.


The hibernate-commons-annotations uses the LGPL license.

i see “Copyright © 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.”.

The only copyright I see is for the license.
Can you please confirm if Free Software Foundation is the Copyright holder for hibernate commons annotation.
I thought Red Hat is copyright holder.
I am looking for NOTICES file or Copyright Holder in the code itself.

I don’t see something that says "Copyright " with a date and the copyright holder.

I don’t know what the Copyright holder is. I just know that the license is LGPL.

Can you please let me know whom should i contact for the Copyright Holder information.

Try the standard Red Hat contact form.

Is it possible for Hibernate Team to contact them and provide me copyright holder information.

I don’t know anyone who might know this information so you need to use that form that I sent you.

The copyright holder would be Red Hat Inc., considering it was written by RH employees.

Why would you need this information, though?

My company legal department would like to know the copyright holder information as we are using hibernate 3rd party in our application.
Is it possible for hibernate team to update copyright holder information in the java files or in the NOTICES files.

we want to use hibernate, but there is no copyright notice provided as required for our use under hibernate license. Can you provide a copyright notice for us?


You need to contact Red Hat as I already told you.