Javadoc link is broken?

The link

is now redirecting to

but there does not appear to be any link to Javadocs at that page. The same redirect happens for other versions of Hibernate.

Is this a brief glitch?

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Facing same issue while accessing docs… can someone please let us know when this will be resolved?

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All the docs has gone… They point to RedHat Confluence and it looks like they wiped out all the data…

Meanwhile the docs is available in the source format:

Since I’m not a fan of trying to parse the asciidoc source, I’ve generated the docs and thrown them up on a quick backup site here.

I’ve only got 5.6.2 up there right now. Let me know if you want any other versions and I’ll get it built and pushed up as soon as I can (I’m just doing this manually right now).


There is a bug report: [HHH-15003] Documentations links are broken - Hibernate JIRA

I’ve been facing this issue for quite a few days too, and my solution was to clone the main repo and run the documentation:renderUserGuide gradle task in the main branch. I’ve been reading the docs locally ever since.

Thank you so much for sharing this :slight_smile:

This is fixed, you need to clean up your browser cache though.