Switch to Intellij IDEA

Hi everyone: I’ve been using Eclipse for a long time. Now I see a growing popularity in Intellij IDEA and some colleagues are talking very well about this IDE.
As this is a free contribution I believe it’s a great opportunity to learn about this IDE(A). I’ve found that the documentation is outdated and/or with some errors. In this wiki post about environment configuration in Intellij, I wasn’t able to do almost anything because the paths and options are not correct.
What I couldn’t do is importing the project’s check style and debugging. I was able to do the source header section but I don’t know if it’s correct.
I believe this outdating is due to the IDE growing, but the wikis should be updated accordingly. Any clarification and/or guide is welcomed.
Best regards.

First of all, You didn’t tell us what you want to do.

That link is for contributing to the Hibernate ORM project. If you want to contribute, just follow this article which shows you how to write a test case, and it applies to any IDE.

If you just want to use Hibernate in your project, IDEA has all sorts of features related to it, but it’s not mandatory to use those.

Sorry, I though it was clear. My intention is to keep contributing to the project (hibernate-orm at first, but I think I will be moving to other projects as I learn about them) but now with Intellij instead of Eclipse.
I want to set up the environment as correctly as posible, and I failed to install the checkout style configuration (which is in hibernate-orm/shared/config/checkstyle/) and the source header in Intellij. Following the wiki post is not so useful as the config locations seems to have changed since the last post update.
Does I make myself clear?

I use the code style provided by the hibernate-ide-codestyles GitHub project.

I added it via the Importing code styles can also be done through the UI. option and it works just fine.

Yes, the codestyle were imported successfully, but not the checkstyle configuration, neither the source header nor the debugging configuration.

I don’t use any debugging configuration, and never used the source header either. You can just get it from any existing class. If you don’t add it, the gradlew check task will fail anyway.