Intelliji and Herbernate ORM

Hi EveryBody
How to setup intelliji to accept hibernate orm


Just google IntelliJ Hibernate and you will find tons of examples, tutorials or videos on the topic: IntelliJ IDEA. Working with Hibernate/JPA (2021) - YouTube

Thks you,but i already saw most of these videos,but i don t have hibernate on my IDE Intelliji community,how can i set up it to support hibernate


I don’t know what you mean “i don’t have hibernate on my IDE”. Hibernate is a library that you include into your application. The only thing IDEs like IntelliJ provide is some kind of integration such that you can do queries directly from within the IDE. As far as I know, this is only supported in the Ultimate edition of IntelliJ though. Also, the plugin is provided by JetBrains so if you have any questions, you must ask the JetBrains support.