Planned release date for 5.2.18

Is there already a fixed release date for version 5.2.18.

And besides that a meta question: Is there a place where I could have found the answer on my own?

Best regards, Jens

No, you can’t find the information on your own as the date is not set.

We are currently focusing on 5.3. The release will happen at some point but I can’t say when.

Is it possible to have a rough estimate regarding the month?

Currently a bug in 5.2.17 that has already been fixed in 5.2.18-SNAPSHOT looks like a showstopper for us :frowning:

You should consider migrating to 5.3 as well. Not only that you will get that bug fixed, but it’s better on the long-run as well since 5.3 is going to be a reference branch used for Wildfly/JBoss.

Thanks for the hint.

Unfortunately, we have to support containers that do not provide JPA 2.2. Threrefore the 5.3 series is not an option in the next few months.

I’ll post something on the hibernate-dev@ list to see how we can finalize something. I’ll let you know here the outcome.

Hi! Any news on the 5.2.18 release date?

No news so far. You could upgrade to 5.3 if you don’t want to wait for 5.2.18. The 5.3 branch is stable and he migrating shouldn’t be difficult.

I observed the discussions on the hibernate-dev@ list. As far as I can see they seem to have stopped.

What is the state of the discussion regarding 5.2.18? Any hint appreciated.

My previous message is still relevant. I’m curious why you haven’t upgraded to Hibernate 5.3? It has more optimizations than 5.2 and is going to get more updates, bug fixes in the future.

My previous message (Planned release date for 5.2.18) is still relevant :wink:

Seriously… We have to run in containers that do not support JPA 2.2.

Hibernate 5.3 should work even with JPA 2.1. Have you tried it?

Our internal release train is about to depart soon, so doing the version upgrade is not an option right now. But it’s one of the first tasks we’ll do after releasing - I promise…

As far as I can see on github the commits on branch 5.2 have stopped some weeks ago. Is there pending work that should be integrated in the near future that prevents you from releasing?

There’s no pending work. Currently, we are working on 6.0 and 5.4. 5.3 is frozen and only bug fixing goes in that branch.

5.2 is frozen as well, but only critical issues will probably be further integrated into this branch.

I don’t know of any estimate related to the 5.2.18 release. Maybe @dreab8 knows more?

I tried Hibernate 5.3.6 with JPA 2.1. It is not working, because the class org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder uses javax.persistence.TableGenerators, which was introduced with JPA 2.2.

You’re right. That’s true. Hibernate 5.3 will require JPA 2.2 at least.

Related to a new 5.2 release, only @dreab8 or @sebersole can tell you when a new release will be done.

I generally do not perform the releases for maintenance versions. Generally that would be @dreab8, @Naros, @gbadner or you Vlad. Lately @gsmet has been doing some as well.

One of them would be better able to answer that

Seems a bit of hot potato here with the release. As stated above there are some people who continue to use the 5.2 releases and the improvements in the snapshot would benefit them. I personally use GORM 6.1 which supports up to Hibernate 5.2 and not 5.3 yet.

Appreciate any news or release of the 5.2.x line.

It’s my plan to release a 5.4.0.CR1 and a 5.2.18 this week.