Planned release date for 5.2.18


Great news! I guess I should have waited a day or two more :grimacing: - I appreciate all you do!


So the tag is here, the artifacts are built but I have issues with our Nexus repo and can’t close the staging repo to validate the artifacts and propagate them to Maven Central.

I’ll get back to it once the Nexus issue is fixed, hopefully early next week.


We are one step further… It’s now released on our JBoss Nexus but for now it’s not synced to Maven Central.

I’ll wait until tomorrow before considering it an issue with the sync process.

Thanks all for your patience.


Hi @gsmet, now we got an issue because when you specify in your dependency 5.2.+ it resolves to 5.1.18.Final but it actually doesn’t exist and our build execution fails.
Not sure how it’s managed but could you prevent “5.2.+” from resolving to that version until it’s not sync’ed with Maven Central?

Thanks mate!