Hibernate ORM 5.3 current status

Hi all,

during 5.3 CR1 it was announced that on Feb 28 will be released Final or CR2 version.
So my question is what’s the current status of version 5.3 ? Is there any blocker which needs to be resolved before CR2 or Final ? Or when can I find any information about current status.
There are quite a lot jira issues with fix version 5.3. So I’m not sure whether all of them must be resolved before release.

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The situation has changed and is a bit blurry right now. We are making some efforts to reduce further compatibility issues for migrations from 5.1 to 5.3 and from 5.3 to 6, due to some external requirements.

Next version will be a CR2 for sure, not a Final. Still not sure on when it will be released though.

Hopefully, it shouldn’t take too long now.


Any update on this topic?

It’s now 1 month since last reply and 2 since CR1 was released, but still no new versions available.


The situation hasn’t changed: the ORM team is still working on what I mentioned above.

Incidentally, CR1 does not show a good perspective on what will be 5.3 as, due to the changes to improve compatibility, CR2 will include quite a lot of changes.

For the record, CR2 has been released last week: http://in.relation.to/2018/04/27/hibernate-orm-530-cr2-release/ .

That’s great news!