OnetoOne generating sets (HBX-1179)


I one of my project I’m using Hibernate Tools to generate Entities from database schema.
In tables relations I have a lot OneToOne and OneToMany…
When I generate Entities using Eclipse Neon 3 and Hibernate Tools 5.1.4 I notice some unexpected Set being created. Looking forward in Hibernate Jira I’ve found the issue HBX-1179 which is close to my observations… (
The only work around is to modify pojo by hands… not really safe. I’m just worry to see this issue is still open since 03/2011…
Is the jira up to date ? If so, is there any plan to fix it ?

JN Gerbaux

Hey @JNGerbaux,

I will take a look at this issue. Please stay tuned, I might have additional questions for you as well.