Unable to generate POJO entities with annotations using hibernate tools 6.2 Series

I am using latest hibernate 6 series for my project and i am trying to generate JAVA annotations entities using Reverse engineering feature of JBoss hibernate tools.

I am aware that Hibernate 6 series now uses Jakarta persistence instead of Javax persistence.

** I am able to generate entities successfully but due to some reason the Annotations are not generating which are crucial for hibernate to work. **

Previously I used to use hibernate tools maven plugin for my projects but that only supports up to 5.4 series, and no new plugin is released by hibernate as of now.

I believe that this is due to some the Jakarta and Javax change because if I try to use Javax persistence and older version of hibernate I am successfully able to generate entities with annotations as well but in Hibernate 6 it is not the case.
Please Help

Here is the link to the GitHub repository of the Hibernate Tools project: GitHub - hibernate/hibernate-tools: Code generation, reverse engineering, ant task and more tools for Hibernate Core

It publishes the maven plugin under the coordinates org.hibernate.tool:hibernate-tools-maven which does publish releases for Hibernate 6+ regularly.

Thanks @beikov You were a big help. I was able to solve my problem.