Metamodel generation for hbm.xml files

Hello! Some of our config is annotation based, but a ton of entities are old school hbm.xml . I’m trying to switch us over to Criteria with strongly typed metamodel, but I can’t get the Jpa Metamodel generator to work with our XML.

Does metamodel generator work with hbm.xml? I’ve tried setting ormXml and moving persistence.xml to META-INF so annotation processor sees it. No luck so far. I know the Annotation processor is running because it generates metamodel for our annotated entities just fine.

Any debugging tips? I tried different things for hours with no luck :cry:

As you can see in there is support for orm.xml files that you list in the persistence.xml as mapping-files. You can debug there.

Sorry for long delay. We do not use JPA xml, we have old Hibernate specific HBM format. I think this is our problem. No matter what I tried I could not get the XML to parse