Not able to connect to Oracle 18C

I am facing connection issue with Oracle 18C data base. Not able to connect the data base and it is taking more time(an hour) to connect, some times not even also. But other versions its working as expected and connection also fast. It is working till 5.4.16 version for Oracle 18C then later versions it is not working. Not observed any exceptions also.

Ask your DBA to analyze this problem. I don’t know what you mean by “connect” but you might be affected by [HHH-14022] Oracle-Dialect does not find Sequences outside User-Schema - Hibernate JIRA and the fact that whatever user you are using to connect to your Oracle database has permission to read all system objects. I would suggest you restrict that user to only see application related objects to speed this up. Apart from that, you could also try to disable the schema validation by setting the property to none .