Hibernate 4.2.18 - Oracle 11g Support

We built an application with Hibernate 4.2.18 and Oracle 12C DB. We did not mention any dialect explicitly in persistence.xml as there is no 12C specific dialect in this Hibernate version and so that Hibernate ORM itself will choose the better one.

Now we are thinking about using Oracle 11g instead of Oracle 12c for a short term.

Since Hibernate 4.2.18 works with Oracle 12c, I am not expecting more issues if we connect the same application to Oracle 11g instead of Oracle 12c.

Can someone point me to the list of Oracle DB support matrix for different Hibernate versions, especially for Hibernate 4.2.18.

Also, are there any known issues with Hibernate 4.2.18 ORM and Oracle 11g combination in terms of API functionality, query creation/execution and performance?

Here you can find the compatibility matrix to JDBC.

So, just make sure you match the Hibernate version to the JDBC Driver version you use. Then, you should match the Oracle JDBC Driver version to the Hiberate Dialect.

This link has JDBC versions required for latest Hibernate version. Where can I find similar details for 4.2.

It’s JDBC 4.0 because it supports Java 1.6.

Got it.

Also I found the JDBC version vs Oracle version vs JDK version in Oracle docs.

May be useful for someone else who is looking for similar details.