Issue connecting to oracle database 19c with hibernate

We have a legacy application which makes use of the following jar files to connect to oracle database 12c.

  1. hibernate-3.5.2.Final.jar
  2. hibernate-c3p0-3.6.3.Final.jar
  3. ojdbc6.jar
  4. JDK 6

The customer has a new oracle database 19c and wants the application to directly connect to it. However, we are encountering connection failed when we update the url, username and password in hibernate.cfg.xml. The same hibernate library files are used, with ojdbc8.jar and jdk1.8.341.

Can someone advise me on where went wrong?

You should consider contracting a consultant for this, maybe from Red Hat. I don’t think anybody in the community is able to or even willing to help you with software that is 13 years old. If you want help from the community, you’ll have to update to the latest versions.

hi beikov, is there a compatibility list for hibernate? What is your recommendation for the version to be used with oracle 19c?

to be honest, i am totally new with hibernate and this legacy application was just thrown to me.

Since we only maintain Hibernate 5.6 and 6.2 at this time, using the latest bug fix versions of these release families is the only way to go.

base on the release, i suppose i can only go with 5.6 since java 8 is supported. hopefully replacing the jar files can help resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help.