Netbeans missing Hibernate library

I want to start add Hibernate to my project and it is in Netbeans in any tutorial I have found in the Internet but I don’t have it in my Netbeans.

I added library manually but it is still not in project manager and after right clicking “Source Packages” it is not possible to choose configuration wizzard for Hibernate. Screen below shows missing Hibernate:

When I search plugins there is not Hibernate.

I have latest Netbeans (no updates found):
Product Version: Apache NetBeans IDE 10.0 (Build incubator-netbeans-release-380-on-20181217)

What can I do to have Hubernate in Netbeans like everybody have and why I don’t have it?


I have found solution. In menu:
click the
I have unselected Netbeans 8.2 Plugin Portal. I selected it and I have Hibernate in plugins!

This website was helpful: