is there any way to generate schema update script (ddl alter / create ) from hibernate entities in hibernate 6

I want to generate update script(ddl alter/create statement) from my hibernate models. in hibernate 4.x there is a method named


in class Configuration, but I do not know is there any alternative way for this purpose in hibernate 6 ?

I searched for it but I do not find any thing

See Jakarta Persistence and Hibernate ORM 6.2.7.Final User Guide

I viewed the documentation but I did not found any answer to my question.
I want a method like Configuration ::generateSchemaUpdateScriptList in hibernate 4 that when I add a property like private String address it return for me a script like this
alter table person add address nvarchar2(100); is there any way in Hibernate 6?

You can generate the schema by simply calling Persistence.generateSchema(String persistenceUnitName, Map map). The Hibernate documentation gives you information on what properties you can set in that map to generate the desired output. Set to update, then Hibernate will generate the statements necessary to update an existing schema to the desired state.

When you look at Hibernate ORM 6.2.7.Final User Guide you will see that you can also control if the statements should be executed on the database directly, or be sent to a file.