SchemaUpdate to generate create alter queries for schema changes

Hi Team!,

I am using hibernate 5.4.2, and I have a below scenario

Expecting your suggestion on how to achieve this using hibernate5 Metadata, MetadataSources, buildMetadata method and SchemaUpdate classes

I have two model jars (for example modelv1.jar and modelv2.jar)

Both these jars contain hbm.xml files and class files for example Product.hbm.xml and Product.class

In modelv2.jar, in Product.hbm.xml i have added a new field say “description” and also in Product.class I have added the same new field and also getter and setter for the new field

How could i use schemaUpdate to generate “alter table” queries for the new fields added ?

Expectation is that, the SchemaUpdate should return me a sql query like:

“alter table product add column description varchar2;”

Could you please share me an example of using SchemaUpdate for this scenario ?

Tried something like below, but I am not sure what “metadata” should be given here

    File tempSqlFile = new File("sqlfile");

    SchemaUpdate schemaUpdate = new SchemaUpdate();
    schemaUpdate.execute(EnumSet.of(TargetType.SCRIPT), metadata);

Product.hbm.xml file:

public class Product
private long productId;
private String productName;
private long productPrice;

public long getProductId()
return this.productId;

public void setProductId(long productId)
this.productId = productId;

public String getProductName()
return this.productName;

public void setProductName(String productName)
this.productName = productName;

public long getProductPrice()
return this.productPrice;

public void setProductPrice(long productPrice)
this.productPrice = productPrice;

Thank You!
hib5 newbie