Is it java 8 still supported in Hibernate 5.4.2?


Hibernate 5.4.2 defines a dependency with jaxb library.

But I have noticed that, due to this change, some of the required dependencies like:

have classes which are compiled with JDK9 (major version 53). Taking this account can you ensure that JDK8 is still fully supported?

Thank you in advance.


please forget about this. I’ve noticed that the only .class compiled with JDK9 is the module-info.class, so there is not any issue at all.


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Yes i guess…It is still supported.Though pls confirm from other sources too.

Hi @Fred25

thanks for the response. Yes it is still supported, I wrongly thought that it could not be supported because I found a class compiled with JDK9 in those libraries. But it was just the module-info.class.

So this does not affect to the JDK8 support at all.