Hi there!. i am a java student and was interested to make an hibernate-maven-SQLite project. The reason i choose SQLite is because its very easy to use in an embedded desktop java application. The strange thing is that there is no dialect to use SQLite.
Is there any reasons that hibernate do not support SQLite?
Should i change RDBMS?
What RDBMS do you recomend?
i was looking in this forum and internet but the info is very little and outdated.
Thanks in advance !

No reasons. Hibernate is not designed for small applications.

Hibernate certainly can work in a small application through e.g. Quarkus Native you can easily have even a CLI app that runs just a few milliseconds.

Nobody stepped up so far to provide a SQLite dialect, but you will be happy to hear that with Hibernate 6 you can use the hibernate-community-dialects which contains a dialect for SQLite that is maintained by the community.