Using Hibernate for Minecraft?


I’m new to ORMs and I’m looking for ORM to use in my Minecraft plugin.
My use case is very specific and I would like to know if Hibernate is good choice for my ORM needs.

Minecraft runs on one thread, its called game thread and everything happens there.
If this thread does some I/O operations, it gets stuck and everything freezes until its done.
Therefore its important to run all DB stuff on separate thread. It comes with scheduler to do that - call scheduler, schedule async task and then sync back.

I’ve read that Hibernate automatically watches instances and updates their properties to DB automatically.
I’ve also read about proxies, that they dynamically create queries to DB.

I need one of these:
a) run those automatic queries on thread different from game thread
b) turn off those functionalities and query everything by myself (for example with DAO classes).

Is Hibernate good choice for this use case?

Thank you very much