Hibernat with Databricks

I need help connecting Hibernate with Databricks, has anyone done or have projects working with Java, Hibernate and Databricks?

Hi. There is no Databricks dialect because the vendor did not approach us so far. We only support a hand full of dialects and other dialects are either maintained by the community or the vendor directly. Also see hibernate-orm/dialects.adoc at main · hibernate/hibernate-orm · GitHub for more infos about this topic.

If you want to start working on this, you’re welcome to contribute a new dialect to the hibernate-community-dialects module.

Thanks for the feedback, I will check the suggested links and I will also propose to the team the challenge of trying to create the dialect for Databricks.

Emmanuel Trindade

Hi @Emmanuel_Thadeu_Souz, did your team settle on a dialect that allowed for your application to successfully generate valid Databricks SQL statements for your use case? My team is also integrating Databricks via a JDBC connection into one of our Java/Spring projects that uses Hibernate as the ORM. If you’ve got any pointers from experience working on your project that you’d be willing to pass along, that would be awesome.