Sybase Iq + Hibernate

I have completed my hibernate project on sql server and now we have to shift from sql server to sybase iq. I have all my queries written in hql and no logic in sql server. Does hibernate supports Sybase Iq? So that i do not have to change anything in my application other than Sybase Iq configurations. Its a bit of priority so please respond fast in case you know. Have searched a lot but not much response.

There’s a Sybase ASE 1.5 and 1.5.7 Dialect but no Sybase Iq Dialect.

You can write the new Dialect if you need it and send a Pull Request to integrate it.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I can surely do that but not sure how to write dialect. Without dialect would not we be able to use ibernate with iq? Or cant we use sybase dialect.

I’ve never used Sybase, so I can’t 're. But you can try it out and see how it goes.