Entity does not exist

Hi Everyone,
I code in ColdFusion which is a language that is compiled into Java bytecode.
You can use Java libraries with ColdFusion code and the Product comes with built-in language support for Hibernate ORM.

Without making any code changes (that are currently live and working in our staging servers)
I uninstalled Coldfusion and reinstalled - that’s it.
Now, upon application start I get the following error message - which makes no sense to me at all;

(I have truncated a bunch of pre and post entries in the entity list “…” - just to make the message more concise.)

ERROR","ajp-nio-","05/16/2022","22:17:01","","entity [question] with cfc name [gsncfc.db.webSurvey.question] does not exist, existing  entities are [answer, ..., question, ...], surveyRecipientState, surveySpec];

I don’t get it - the CFC (Coldfusion component : read as “class”) that the error message is saying doesn’t exist - IS in the existing entities list, that the same error message provides!

All my mappings / database config etc are all correct and match our Staging / Prod servers - that are working correctly.

Thanks in advance.

I guess you will have to ask this question in the Coldfusion forums. This error doesn’t look like it comes from Hibernate.

The Coldfusion server we’re using is called Lucee and is open-source.
This error message is NOT in our source code.

Doing a google search, sees some threads in JAVA forums, so I am happy to be wrong - always happy to learn something new… But I am (was) pretty sure it’s a Hibernate created error.

I just searched for this message in the source repository of Hibernate 5.6 but couldn’t find it, so I can only assume that this message comes from your code or Coldfusion. I’d need to see a stack trace showing where this message logging comes from along with knowing the Hibernate version you use to be able to help you here.