New to hibernate with Visual Paradigm

Hello everyone,
Im having a problem and would be great if you guys knew how to solve it .

I finished my class model and I’m having a problem when I generate Java code (Hibernate).

I have the class “Treinos”( in english Training) and a class called " Exercicios"( in english Exercises). The class “Exercicios” is just a pivot table with the name of the exercises . Since a workout is composed with multiple exercises, I created a association class between the 2 classes.( named “Extreinos”). The problem is that when I generate the code , some classes ask for methods or even classes that don’t exist.


Class Training/Treinos

Tries to instantiate an object of an class that doesnt exist, ExTreinosSetCollection

`public final pt.fitnessdown.uminho.ExTreinosSetCollection exTreinoss = new pt.fitnessdown.uminho.ExTreinosSetCollection(this, _ormAdapter, ORMConstants.KEY_TREINO_EXTREINOSS, ORMConstants.KEY_EXTREINOS_TREINO, ORMConstants.KEY_MUL_ONE_TO_MANY);`

Class “Extreino” tries to use an method of “Exercicios” that doesn’t exist: