Validator.validate() is not being called during test

Annotation for my ConstraintValidator implementation is defined as PARAMETER


During the test, Validator’s validate() method is not being called, but isValid() does. If I change annotation target to FIELD and add annotation to class variable, then validate() method is starting to get called. How should approach testing annotation with target set as PARAMETER without also defining it as FIELD?

This is my test case

public class ExecutionRequestValidatorTest_Local extends BaseValidatorTest {
    private static Validator validator;

    public void init() {
        ValidatorFactory factory = Validation.buildDefaultValidatorFactory();
        validator = factory.getValidator();

        executionRequestInstance = ExecutionRequestInstance.builder().build();

    void isValid(){
        final Set<ConstraintViolation<Tester>> validate = validator.validate(new Tester(executionRequestInstance));

    private class Tester {
       @ValidateExecutionRequest // validate() method gets called only if this annotation is present
        private final ExecutionRequestInstance requestInstance;

        public Tester(ExecutionRequestInstance requestInstance){
            this.requestInstance = requestInstance;
        public void test(@ValidateExecutionRequest ExecutionRequestInstance request){