Unable to add new Column and unable to add Foreign Key Constrains



I am using
Hibernate Version:5.2.12. Final

1.when I add new Column then it is not reflected in DB.but,
2.once I drop the table from DB, then t column is updated.
3.and every time I run my project then get this log.

Hibernate: alter table ChildGrandChild add constraint FKrgojg76subbenpxsdpfq4lil0 foreign key (SpouseID) references Spouse (SpouseID)
Hibernate: alter table Claim add constraint FKhfw0yf3xxnhwscbbpt89ieri9 foreign key (Address) references Address (AddressID)
Hibernate: alter table Claim add constraint FKateufihryim08ibunarrmq19u foreign key (DeceasedRelative) references DeceasedRelative (DeceasedRelativeID)
Hibernate: alter table Spouse add constraint FKkon6uyviu884hyh7nb63ewvat foreign key (ClaimID) references Claim (ClaimID)
Hibernate: alter table UsersDeviceInfo add constraint FKqqgqlu09yk69xmf73e0a8um1n foreign key (UserID) references Users (UserID)

when I see in MySQL workbench then foreign key is made in Indexes.

my hibernate.properties file is:

jdbc.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/Dev_ClaaimApp_19-Mar18_Ravi?useLegacyDatetimeCode=false&serverTimezone=Australia/Sydney&useSSL=false
jdbc.username = root
jdbc.password = root
jdbc.driverClassName = com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver

hibernate.dialect = org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5Dialect

hibernate.show_sql = true

hibernate.format_sql = false
hibernate.hbm2ddl= update
hibernate.connection.release_mode = after_statement
hibernate.connection.CharSet = utf-8
hibernate.connection.characterEncoding = utf-8
hibernate.connection.useUnicode = true
http.encoding.charse = UTF-8
http.encoding.enabled = true


First, try upgrading to 5.2.17 and see if it works better.

If it does not work, try providing a replicating test case that proves the issue. You can use this template:


So, you need to:

  1. Create an initial script with the previous mapping version.
  2. Supply the entity with a new column

Once you have the test case, open a Jira issue and attach the archived test case folder.