TCK for development of new OGM dialects

I recently stumbled onto OGM as I had set out to make something similar. I’ve started hacking together a provider for Google Cloud Firestore (here, currently the code is not located on the master branch) and I am interested in locating the TCK mentioned in the documentation so I can more quickly see what is broken and which features are expected.

Is it buried somewhere in a git repo or do I need to join a mailing list to get access to it?

Hi Sam, great to hear that.

There is not a separate TCK for the dialects at the moment but we keep all our tests in the main Hibernate OGM repository under the package: org.hibernate.ogm.backendtck

What you need to to do to run the tests with the new dialect is:

In Hiberntae OGM Ignite we use the HIbernate OGM parent pom in the project, I don’t think it’s mandatory to use this approach to run the tests but I haven’t tried it recently.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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Thanks, Davide! I’ll definitely take you up on that offer as I’m sure I’ll have more questions.

I appreciate you linking me directly to the files. It’s like you did all my work for me. I’ll try this out later today and get back to you.