Is OGM project still active?

Hi all;
I am in the process of undertanding how to utilize JPA with mongo. I have found hibernate OGM a good fit (I am not using spring).
whats strage to me is that the last release was around ~2 years ago (5.4.1).
is still project still in active development? is there a reason why no release was done lately?
thanks in advance!

The team has been more focused on ORM v. 6 and the new Reactive project - both are large work which will ultimately help OGM when we come back to it.

Regarding OGM specifically, it seems stable enough - we could certainly do a release if there’s important fixes in master?

We have no much bandwith to actively work on it though

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thanks for the elaborate answer. completely understood…

i was wondering…if you could advise what’s status of Apache Ignite integration, the 5.4.1 doco says “an Ignite based datastore provider to persist data in Apache Ignite (experimental)”, is it still in experimental state? thanks… i guess it’s yes…

We would like to use it for accessing Apache Ignite, but not sure if its stable or not.

Yes, it is still experimental.