Opening a Session with a user-provided connection in 5.6.1

I have an application that requires me to start the Hibernate session with an externally provided JDBC connection. The following code worked to establish the Hibernate session with a provided JDBC connection in Hibernate 5.4.23.

SessionBuilder sb = HibernateConfig.getSessionFactory().withOptions();
(In separate class HibernateConfig, this is the main line in the getSessionFactory() method:

SessionFactory factory = new Configuration().configure().buildSessionFactory();

Session session = sb.connection(connection).openSession();

I am attempting to update to the latest version (5.6.1), and I now receive the following error on the call to ‘buildSessionFactory’:
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The application must supply JDBC connections
at org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.connections.internal.UserSuppliedConnectionProviderImpl.getConnection(

What changed between 5.4.23 and 5.6.1, and how do I do this correctly under the latest version?

Please create an issue in the issue tracker( with a test case(hibernate-test-case-templates/ at main · hibernate/hibernate-test-case-templates · GitHub) that reproduces the issue.