Good example or Book for Hibernate 6.5

I am working with Hibernate 6.5 with Maven, Oracle 19c, Java 11. My work is based on a hibernate application with hibernate 3.
I have good java application experience, but almost 0 hibernate 2 months ago. My headache is that in many video or document, people talk about with different versions, some functions are deprecated, or not available.
Suppose I set the pom.xml, hibernate.cfg.xml, the entity with annotation, I have a utility file create sessionFactory as following:

standardServiceRegistry   = new StandardServiceRegistryBuilder().configure().build();
MetadataSources metadataSources = new MetadataSources( standardServiceRegistry );
Metadata metadata = metadataSources.getMetadataBuilder().build();
sessionFactory =  metadata.getSessionFactoryBuilder().build();

Start at mySession, I am looking for samples about:
use mySession to create all different query to insert, update, delete, fetch list of results of table1 join table2 (join may not by primary key), createNativeQuery, criteria api.

Could you please forward good examples or good books?
Thank you in advance,

We have recently published an introductory guide targeted at new users of Hibernate ORM: An Introduction to Hibernate 6. Going through that should give you a pretty good idea of how to get started and illustrate how most of the basic functionalities work.

To get more in-depth details about specific features and intricacies of the framework you can use our Hibernate ORM User Guide, which is structured as more of a reference documentation.


the [Hibernate ORM User Guide] is a great resource! the author is a good instructor, gives enough explanation, and no extra words.
Thank mbladel,