Need help with some regressions in Hibernate ORM 6.1.5

We are working on the migration from WildFly 26.1.2 to 27.0.0 for several large applications (totaling millions of lines of code). With this also comes the migration from Hibernate ORM 5.3.28 to 6.1.5. During some pioneering work for one of these applications, we’ve already identified 4 blocking (for us) regressions in Hibernate ORM (HHH-15694, HHH-15699, HHH-15708 and HHH-15716). Of these, HHH-15708 is particularly troublesome as it is preventing us from running about 90% of our test suite. The other issues we can work around in our tests by disabling batch fetching and entity and query caching (which is fine for tests only), but for HHH-15708 we do not see a viable workaround.

We’ve looked at the exception and the code in LazyTableGroup and it seems it is trying to navigate the path beyond where it should have. However this piece of code goes beyond our understanding of the Hibernate ORM internals. We could really use some help with trying to find a fix or a temporary workaround that would allow us to continue testing. Given the fact that we’ve only covered about 10% of one of the smaller applications, we suspect we will hit more issues. We’d rather find and report those as soon as possible to allow us to continue with the migration.

Hi there! Thanks for your great reports and reproducers. These really help us a lot to fix these issues.

I think HHH-15708 might be a duplicate of [HHH-15648] - Hibernate JIRA which is fixed on the 6.1 branch. Could you try the 6.1.6-SNAPSHOT from and tell me if that fixes the issue for you?

Hi Christian,
That’s great news. I’ve verified the testcase for HHH-15708 and it passes with 6.1.6-SNAPSHOT. I’ll have some more work to do to patch WildFly 27 with this version of Hibernate ORM, but it seems promising. I’ll close the issue as a duplicate of HHH-15648.

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