Backporting HHH-12555 to 5.2?

Hello all,

we just stumbled across [HHH-12555] Merging a blob on an entity results in a class cast exception - Hibernate JIRA in an attempt to get rid of duplicate entities that have images and documents mapped as byte[] and stored in the DB (using lazy loading and bytecode enhancement). See my comment there (Ka Wu).

The aforementioned issue was fixed for the 5.3 and 5.4 releases, however, we’re “stuck” on WebLogic 12c, which is a Java EE 7 server and there’s NO WAY to upgrade to Java EE 8 anytime soon.

We badly need this bugfix.

Is there any chance to get the present fix backported to 5.2, maybe a 5.2.18? Latest version is 5.2.17 (the one we’re using).


Hmm, I just found [HHH-12633] ClassCastException when updating lazy loaded bytecode enhanced byte[] - Hibernate JIRA, which seems to be exactly what we’re looking for. It’s even tagged as 5.2.18 - nice.

When will 5.2.18 be released then?

I doubt building Hibernate from the sources as SNAPSHOT will be acceptable as a solution for our project.

Not sure what you mean. There it is: Maven Central Repository Search

OK, then you got me there. But this page:

is very irritating in the respect that it lists 5.2.17 as the latest version…

When has 5.2.18.Final been released if I may ask? The link you posted doesn’t show anything like that.


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If you click on the Browse button, you will see the date the artifacts were published. 2018-11-16

I’ll update the website. Seems like a mistake it is mentioning 5.2.17

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Thanks for helping. It really brings us forward now. We will be able to refactor and delete redundant entites.