Mapping a collection of embeddable with a JSON type

A similar question has already been asked, but I have a slightly different case where the embedded type is used not only in a collection but also as a separate field in the same or in other entity.

class Test {
    private Doc doc;

    private List<Doc> docs;


class Doc  {
    private String archiveNumber;
    private String archiveStatus;
    private ZonedDateTime archivedAt;
    private String details;

I am getting error:
org.hibernate.AnnotationException: Property '' is mapped as basic aggregate component array, but this is not yet supported.


p.s. this is exception trace of my real app:

Expecting code not to raise a throwable but caught
  "org.hibernate.AnnotationException: Property '' is mapped as basic aggregate component array, but this is not yet supported.
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.PropertyBinder.bindBasic(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.PropertyBinder.bindProperty(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.PropertyBinder.buildProperty(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.PropertyBinder.processElementAnnotations(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.EntityBinder.processIdPropertiesIfNotAlready(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.EntityBinder.handleIdentifier(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.EntityBinder.bindEntityClass(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.internal.AnnotationBinder.bindClass(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.source.internal.annotations.AnnotationMetadataSourceProcessorImpl.processEntityHierarchies(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.process.spi.MetadataBuildingProcess$1.processEntityHierarchies(
	at org.hibernate.boot.model.process.spi.MetadataBuildingProcess.complete(
	at org.hibernate.jpa.boot.internal.EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl.metadata(
	at org.hibernate.jpa.HibernatePersistenceProvider.createEntityManagerFactory(
	at jakarta.persistence.Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(
	at lt.gama.test.base.guice.TestJpaPersistService.start(

Like the message says, this is not yet supported, but will hopefully be supported in 6.6 once HHH-15862 Support basic array values in aggregate components by beikov · Pull Request #7577 · hibernate/hibernate-orm · GitHub is done.

In the meantime, remove the @Embeddable annotation from Doc.