Java 9+ support

What version(s) of Hibernate are compatible with Java9+ runtimes ? Is there a place where I can find the information ?

Due to Java backward compatibility, any Hibernate version can be run with Java 8, 9 or 10.

For older Java versions, you can use the compatibility matric on

Unfortunately in the Compatibility matrix there is no information about older versions 4.3.x.
What about Hibernate 4.3.x is it compatible with Java9+ (especially latest Java 11)?
Or I should migrate to Hibernate 5.x?

Hibernate 4.3 is not under development since it’s a very old branch. If it does not work with Java 9, you will need to upgrade.

Thank you for the quick response!
So, as I understand I can use it with Java 11 at my own risk, nobody tests it.
Probably its time for an upgrade regarding possible issues with libs which operates bytecode like ASM, Javassist, Cglib.