JAKARTA_JPA_GROUP_PREFIX pointing towards old property?

Is this the correct place to post this?

in org.hibernate.boot.beanvalidation.GroupsPerOperation, the constant JAKARTA_JPA_GROUP_PREFIX is pointing towards “javax.persistence.validation.group.” which is the old value (and the same value as in JPA_GROUP_PREFIX) when it should be pointing towards “jakarta.persistence.validation.group” according to the user manual (Hibernate ORM 6.2.5.Final User Guide).

Hey Victor,

Thanks for reaching out. This looks like a bug, could you report it in the Jira Hibernate ORM - Issues - Hibernate JIRA and maybe, you’d be willing to submit a PR for it? Thanks!

Also, the ORM category would probably be better suited for this particular question. I’ll move it there.


Thanks for the quick response, I have submitted an issue and a pull request :slight_smile:

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