Why Hibernate Validator 7.0.2.Final depend on jakarta.validation-api:3.0.0

Why Hibernate Validator 7.0.2.Final depend on jakarta.validation-api:3.0.0?not jakarta.validation-api:2.x

I think jakarta.validation-api:3.0.0 implement Bean Validation 2.0,the version name should named 2.x,but in actually it‘s named 3.0, why? someone know the reason?

When in doubt, check out the website.

From the page describing HV 7.0:

Hibernate Validator 7.0 is the reference implementation for Jakarta Bean Validation 3.0.

The main change is that all the dependencies using javax. packages are now using jakarta.* packages.

Upgrade to Hibernate Validator 7 is only recommended if you are moving to Jakarta EE 9.

Regarding your other question:

I don’t know why you would think that. Obviously, this artifact is about Bean Validation 3.0.