How to access Property Metadata Information?

We are undergoing HBM XML to Annotation Migration and have written a program to compare all the Metadata properties between HBM and Annotation.

Basically we are creating 2 SessionFactory one with HBM and another with annotation and then extracting ClassMetadata to compare the EntityMetamodel. This gives us a lot of information like Property Names, Types, Versionability and lot of other fields.

But we are not able to get some information like propertyAccessorName, AccessType (Field/ Property).

Do you suggest any other way by which we can compare these fields as well?

I would suggest you to compare the boot model i.e. PersistentClass, Property, Value etc.
This should contain all of the necessary bits and pieces.

@beikov How can we access PersistentClass in Hibernate 5.6?

Through e.g. an Integrator, which can access the boot information through the Metadata.