Hibernate search - elastic search Independent still depends on lucene

Hi @yrodiere , Iam getting the below exception when iam trying to use elasticsearch high level rest client , instead of hibernate search

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/lucene/document/Field$TermVector
at org.hibernate.search.engine.impl.AnnotationProcessingHelper.getTermVector(AnnotationProcessingHelper.java:123)

i tried shading also and all other things but nothing is working , can someone provide me the quicker solution

Hi @shravani,

Which version are you using?
I’m asking that because org.hibernate.search.engine.impl.AnnotationProcessingHelper is a Hibernate Search 5 class and only with Search 6 the Elasticsearch backend is independent.

As @fax4ever said, this is a known problem of Hibernate Search 5. One of the main purposes of Hibernate Search 6 was to remove this dependency (which involved lots of API changes, since Lucene was leaking in our APIs).

So you should upgrade to Hibernate Search 6 to fix this.

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